Hi all, I’m Ben a PhD student from Sydney Australia. I am currently researching the use of predictive data analytics in the field of medical science; developing predictive models to help in the treatment of disease. This topic captures two things I am greatly passionate about: data science and using these skills to help people! There are many examples of using Big Data and machine / deep learning to make a billion dollars or power big brother (hence the tin hat part of tinhatben.com) but it is my belief that we can use these tools to do a whole lot more for society than that.

I am writing this blog for two reasons, starting with the most selfish: I would like to use the blog as a record of my notes on particular topics in data science as well as improving my understanding of the content itself.  It is well known that by teaching others, you improve your understanding of the subject matter; so hopefully I can benefit from the process.  However considering this I cannot guarantee that the content is error free, I too am learning so I am sure I will make some mistakes along the way.  Any corrective and constructive feedback is more than welcome.

Secondly, I am an advocate of open source programming and open source publishing.  By writing this blog I hope to help anyone else trying to understand the topics at hand; even if only one person finds a post useful then tinhatben.com has been a success.

I hope you find this blog useful and interesting!



All code examples and data sets used in all posts will be made available through our GitHub account