Neural Networks and Backpropagation: Part Two

This article continues from Neural Networks and Backpropagation: Part One and finishes working through the example of creating a neural network to compute an OR gate.  If you have yet to read through the article and the corresponding Jupyter notebook you should take the time now as it is important for understanding the rest of the working. […]

Neural Networks and Backpropagation: Part One

Lately I’ve been implementing my own neural network code base.  I’ve had a play around with some of the common libraries such as Lasagne and TensorFlow and while these libraries are great, it is important to understand the content itself.  Firstly is the thorough understanding of what exactly the network is doing; which in my opinion is certainly worth […]

Linear Regression


Other than being useful in its own right, understanding and being able to implement linear regression is an important first stepping stone to understanding and executing some more complicated algorithms such as perceptrons and neural networks.  So let’s take that first step to bigger things! Don’t forget to grab the jupyter notebook for this blog post […]

Mahalanobis Distance

distribution & test points

Sorry for the delay between posts.  I have been busy preparing a paper for an upcoming conference.  This post will be covering Mahalanobis Distance, something which is somewhat related to the previous post on PCA. You can find the Python code for this post on github If you have yet to prepare your development environment, please […]

Development Environment

Before we delve into the technical details of various machine learning tools I will describe the development environment I am using and what software packages will be needed to run any of the code posted on the tinhatben GitHub account.  That being said data science and machine learning techniques are not specific to any programming language […]

print(“Hello World”)

Hi all, I’m Ben a PhD student from Sydney Australia. I am currently researching the use of predictive data analytics in the field of medical science; developing predictive models to help in the treatment of disease. This topic captures two things I am greatly passionate about: data science and using these skills to help people! […]